Monday, September 1, 2003

"lookie lookie, i got a hookie"

Yay Rufio.

So we just saw S.W.A.T. (i'm not spending my time with those periods again, just so you know) and i must say - it was decent. Not "Great!!" or "Stupendous!" but not "Shameful..." or "Terrible!" either. I actually rather liked the end - before the cheese that came pre-credits.

I just got a new game called Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Can i just say wow? That's really all i'll put in at this juncture. Sure they could have improved some stuff - but mostly, this is a kickass game. Really addictive too. (did YOU see a blog last night?)

I just tried some new stuff with my fish tank - the water's all cloudy now though, so i must have thrown more stuff out of whack than i had thought i would. Mostly to do with the PH, though as i think i mentioned somewhere before, i don't plan on adding any Fe for a little while either... but i didn't change more than 20% or so of the water.... hm. Oh, and btw, i'm a genius. Some of you may recall (well, unless you've never talked to me in person) that i was having some problems with air bubbles going from the bubble wand into my filter? Well no more! I took two straws, cut them a little shorter, split them lengthwise, and after putting one over part of the wand, put the other over the first to secure it. Do you know what i was aiming at here? Good. Cause it worked! the bubbles now "mysteriously" vanish for a bit around the filter - no more air! gorry i'm cool.

Do you know what the best thing about Cool Whip and Phish Food is? That's it. Cool Whip and Phish Food. Yum. Though i must say, if this doesn't shock my metabolism back into action, nothing will. (PS: yes, i'm still keeping myself low on carbs - but i want to keep my body burning, so i'm throwing it a few curve balls once a week) Gosh, that's some major deja-vu. Wow.

OK folks - i know this was a REAL interesting read, but i'm gonna go ni ni now. Not even gonna play KOTOR, just sleep. Catch ya on the flip side, baby.



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