Friday, September 5, 2003

The Grass is Dead, Long Live the Grass.

Damn aquarium grass... i'm gonna have to clean my filter all over again because this shit grass (considering it's current color, the name is more apt than you might think) all got uprooted and twisted around the little spinning thing. ... ur.

So anyways, just to drop you all a quick line and let you know that i had a fun day, and B and Elise are the coolest people in the world :-)

... Oh, and RadioShack managers named Ed who work at the Fountain Hills store suck because they are too bossy, too egotistical, too arrogant, and too much the OPPOSITE of laid back. Just so you know.

I think i might blog in the morning and let you all know the fun details of life as Christian... maaaaaaaaaaaybe ;-)



PS: if not, no big loss - trust me ::Grin:: Catch ya on the flip side, baby!
PPS: I plan to add another entry to The Hollander Blogs soon, though i can't tell you for sure if it will be a continuation of the Flashback... most likely it will be a blog on current events. ... but hey! That's why i created the e-mail address! E-mail me with thoughts or requests - just keep in mind that it takes some time to for newbie writers like me to flesh out something they're proud enough to blog, so pick something that you'll really like, cause it may take a while to get another one up! (Yay! It's almost like some perverted version of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure!!)

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