Thursday, September 4, 2003

Non-Depressing Blog

That's the truth, i swear! no deep thoughts (by jack handy) or reminisensces (whoooooa there ... SP??) for tonight - i will simply tell you that Knights of the Old Republic and I are getting along fairly well, and now that i have my lightsaber i can help everyone in the game a be a shining example of the light side of the force! ... of course that would be before my Dark Jedi kills all those same people and ransacks their homes for what little money they have. ... but hey, that's the fun of playing both sides, right?

Help em, heal em, kill em, steal em... that's what i say!

Right. Did i mention, btw, that this game is total fun factor?? And did i mention that i am a total pussy? Seriously, i must be the only person i know who has to take a break from the game whenever i'm playing the Dark Jedi so that i can play the good jedi for a little bit - cause i feel bad. Yeesh.

Anyways - i'm tired and going to sleep, but i wanted to acknowledge some very important people: first my michelles, who always know how to brighten my day with a simple IM - i may not be online when you send them dears, but i always get them... secondly, everyone else.


Actually, i would like to take this time to mention that Chrissy rocks my world.

OK folks - enough talky talky. B and i are going minigolfing tomorrow, so i gots ta get goin. Tchau!



PS: Catch ya on the flip side, baby.
PPS: hah hah - thought i might have forgotten this time, huh? ;-)

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