Sunday, September 7, 2003

Psychoses Part II

Well the beginning of the conversation was amicable enough - but pretty much immediately after i said who i was going to be going out with today, the mood of the conversation altered drastically. "More girls?" ::Sigh:: It was all downhill from there - incredible what insecurity can do to a person. Even when i was being jealous about her doing stuff in Europe (over a year ago and at the beginning of our relationship) i wasn't this bad - at least i recognized that i was just being jealous and encouraged her to go out anyways... and really the only problems i had were when she was going out drinking - mainly because i don't trust foreign men or frat boys with a few drinks in them... or the way they'll act around girls with a few drinks in them for that matter.

Enough of this. I'm tired of talking about this repetitive drama. This is pretty much the whole reason i can't stand soap operas - drama is only so entertaining for so long.

So to give a little more detail to what's going on today, on ATKINS BREAK DAY, (YAYAAYAYAYAY!!!!) B, Elise, Lindsay (sp?) and I are all going to the Arizona Mills (Mall) around 2 or so for fun, shopping (which means arcade time for me) and food and movies! It's gonna be a blast, i know it. "And in the mornin', I'm makin' WAFFLES!"

"Squeek squeekem squeeker."

Do i remind any of you of Kronk? ... hmmm, silence....

So today is 'change the water' day for my fishies. Think i can do it without dumping water all over the floor? Or my desk? ... doubtfull ;-)

Did i mention that i like Atkins Break Day?

I do.

OH OH OH! Guess what?! Apparently one of the messages that i had on my machine from a few days ago was the Store Director from Hollywood Video! Which means that i might get the job i wanted! Which means free rentals and the most laid back job i could ever imagine!! YAY!

Oh - and just so you all know - i think i'm going to apply to Thunderbird. I've been thinking about it a lot again, and i really think that it would be the best course of action. No matter what i do, the degree would be helpful - and if anything it might serve as the kind of bump that puts your wheels back on track.

For those of you not in the know ("ask Dr. Know, there's nothing he doesn't") Thunderbird is an School of International Business. It's pretty well respected, and i know that if i got a degree from there, it would mean something, yknow? I could just walk up to the CEO of any big company and say "Hey, look at this! Hire me!" Granted that might not be a good idea for Enron, but the FBI might think of it as a plus... not to mention i would be able to apply as a field agent.

The only thing that kind of still worries me is that i haven't really had too much full time work experience... but fuggit! Doesn't hurt to apply. I'll just study for the GMATs, take em, apply for the fall or spring, and we'll see where it all goes from there, y'know?

Well folks - that's about all for now, i'm gonna go play some video games and eat some forbidden foods (Chubby Hubby anyone?) whilst visions of sugarplums dance in my head.

.... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY FOLKS!! (and don't forget it's Grandparents Day!!)




PS: i'll write tonight and tell you all about the adventures we have at the mills and everywhere else! FUN TIMES!!

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