Tuesday, September 23, 2003

A quick blog about LA smog.

Just in case you were wondering how yesterday and today have been going, the answer is a surprising "Fine". On the car ride back, Kim and i discussed a couple of different issues that seem to have the most effect on our relationship - and all in all i think things will be good if we can keep everything that was said in mind... easier said than done, right? well, i guess we'll see how everything turns out - but i definitely agree with her that it's all or nothing time... no more vacillating between staying together and splitting up. So here's to figuring it all out.

Didn't get to watch mondaynightfootball tonight, but i did get to do a lot of work on bills and Dark Jedi. ... you know, the usual.


kim and my sister and i had dinner in san diego.

that's pretty much everything that happened since i talked to you last - i'd type more, but it's getting late, and i have to walk the dog before i go to sleep.

and yeah, i'm convinced that aquarium plants were invented by the devil - cause they suck. Even my nice plants that were comin back to life are just sittin there now - i don't think they're alive anymore!

Ah well.



"Catch ya on the flip side, baby."

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