Saturday, August 23, 2003

What's New, Who's Who, all Written Down for You!

So for the first time in a while, i feel that i have the energy to put forth a good, solid effort for my blog. ... Hush all you naysayers. (sp? is that even a word??)

I can't say as today was the most exciting day ever - but it was definitely different. I took Kim to the airport at around 5 or so in the morning (did you know there was friggin traffic?!) and then went to work at a totally new store (one in Fountain Hills - the other side of the mountain) which was experiencing some difficulties and therefore required my assistance.

OOh OOh... i downloaded the evaluation version of a program called Acid today - it's a music editing system which can import clips of a variety of formats from a plethora (sp?) of sources. It's the bomb. The only problem with it is that, as are all professional editing programs, it is waaaaaaaaaay more complex than this MacyBrain can handle. Seriously, there are so many things that you can do to and with sounds and music with this program that the human mind actually has to shut down less vital thought processes in order to devote more power to the AcidUsingSection.

This section is NOT a flashback to the seventies - get over it hippie.

Did you know that Suzanne Vega sings a song called "Rosemary" on her "Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega" CD? Did you know that said song is one of the most intriguing, entrancing compositions I have ever heard? I don't even know why! God, she's soooo cool. You want a reaaaaaaally good story/song? (in that order) Listen to "The Queen and the Soldier" off her self titled album. Wow.

So while i was driving back from the airport, i saw a CREW team on the "River"!!! HOW COOL!!! For those not in the Know, ask Dr. Know, there's nothing he doesn't. I loved being on the crew team at NYU - it was one of the best experiences i've ever had participating in a sport. Only problem is that i have no desire to walk around on an aircast again, and even less desire to deal with an injured wrist. (it never really recovered from the surgery i had forever ago... but i'm working on that)

I'm actually getting back into power yoga right now. That was probably one of the best, most athletic things i've ever done - it wasn't the same as crew, but it definitely weren't no pussy shiaht either. My entire body's been sore for days and i look like an idiot doing the poses, but i feel great! Of course, this IS just the first part of the tape.... details.

It occurs to me that my sense of humour is somewhat lacking in this little blog of mine.

Btw- all those who have been reading this blog should be advised of two very important things before i proceed any further:

1) I really appreciate any input you might have about my blog - even if it's suggestions about what I should be writing about or what i shouldn't.
2) My fish tank is a mere 7 gallons. Just so you know.

Folks - i'm exhausted. I hope that this most recent attempt at conveying the deep and colorful experiences of my day-to-day life was a pleasant change from the previous few blogs. If not ... well... you read this far - just read tomorrow's, who knows what dreams may come?


PS: sleep tight - bed bugs, feet, 'n all

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