Friday, August 22, 2003

Filled up Filters Throw Tanks off Kilter

But you already knew that. See, MEEE i'm still getting used to this whole "not destroying the aquarium" thing. Btw, i got tired of the grass floating out, so i hair-banded it together - and i don't mean retro eighties music.

Got to meet a whoooooooooole bunch of cool APO people today - i think this is gonna be a real fun chapter to be around! It may be small, but if the alums that have stuck around are any indication, it's got a LOT of promise.

OK. 1217 and i'm driving kim to the airport in 5 hours.. goodnight.

I know i promised more but alas, you'll have to be patient... i pormise ill make it good!

ah yes, and now the tank is leaking. joy


PS: bed bugs.

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