Monday, August 25, 2003

Have you ever wondered: "What's with Today, today?"

I know it's not been too long since we last met, but i HAD to see you again! Oh sigh, oh blush! Oh lordy lordy lordy, what is all this ucky mush?

Did you like my poem? I thought so.

Talent. T-A-L-E-N-T. Oh yeah.

Hey LOOK!!! I can make links and stuff now! There's a BUTTON!! oh.... it's just a script to insert a tag. ... ::sigh:: i bet if i wrote something in between a "<" and a ">" it wouldn't appear. hmmm... apparently i was wrong! how bout a ? hmmm... i guess i was right!! sighs will henceforth be written in between pairs of colons! Let it be so! ha HA! ... well that was fun.

So yeah, i'm forcing Lilly (like she would really put up a fight) to sleep in her kennel (welllll, then again) tonight, hell, maybe for a while. She actually stood there, looked up at me, squatted, and peed... ON HER BED!!!

Cool? No.

I had a pretty good time tonight :-) I went out with Kim H., Elise my Niece, Angie from Bradley, and B (aka nonickname) to this awesome(ish) tavern(ish) sports bar(ish) place where they had all you can eat(ish) wings! Of course, they didn't have any of the beers i wanted, i got charged up the wazoo for substitutions, discriminated against by Steve (aka Chad) because i was the only person at the table that didn't want his phone number, and tried to eat a WetNap... but all-in-all i had a great time!!! Seriously, that last bit totally underplayed how nice it was to be out with my friends chillin' like villains, which was possibly the most awesome and entertaining time (aside from several Yahoo! conversations and Freezer Section Frolicks with a certain funny person who shall remain (::ahem:: B ::ahem::) nameless for the time being) that i've had since i moved here! Yay for the Vine!

My fish are cool.

Seriously, i know that noone else is as gung-ho about them as i am, and that they are just stupid fish to most people that meet them, but i think they're supercool. And believe it or not, they require as much care as the other pets! (actually, MORE than Oberon, who requires minimal care and will take whatever attention you can muster if he's in the mood)




OK, so musicmatch jukebox just annoyed the hell out of me. I kept trying to do this "repair broken links" thing, and it kept saying "oh, no no, everything's FIIIIIINE!!! TRUST me!!! Nothing out of place HERE!"

Then i try to play a file.

Fuck you Jukebox.


So anyways, while stupidhead thingerdoodle is sloooooooowly re-finding ALLL my songs.... urrrr.

I think i'm going to get a tank, maybe one that's like, 2 gallons, and make it just for plants... whaddaya think? Toss a feeder goldfish in there for fertilizer? (ok, i'm not that cruel folks, i meant the nitrogen cycle and YOU KNOW IT)

So did i ever tell you about the time my gas pedal fell off? Fun times.

You know you're male and unafraid of dying when your lemonade smells funny and you stop breathing for a second so it tastes normal, but you don't take the time to try and figure out why your lemonade would be smelling that way in the first place, and if it's maybe not a good idea to drink it.

I think maybe the whole hairband thing was maybe not so good.... i don't think the grass is very happy right now. ... ::sigh:: oh well. sorry grass, but we all have to go some time.

"And I may be the Mayor of Simpleton, but I know one thing, and that's 'I love you.'" -XT(friggin)C

Man, i really have to get my butt into gear sometime soon. I want to get myself on the job market for that radio job, i have to clean the apartment, (i never said Kim was WRONG, i just disagreed with the PHRASING) and in the more immediate future, i have to go outside and get little lilly's kennel for tonight. I really hate doing it to her, but this might be the only way she'll learn! ... Or ill be giving her a bath bright and early tomorrow.... either way.

did you know that my name is luka? Me neither.

Maybe if i go now i can read a little bit of the Count of Monte Cristo. I stopped reading it before the move and didn't get a chance to get back into it.... ::sigh:: (that's a lot of sighing going on tonight.... wheat thins is crazy!!)

Oh, about that whole email thing, i've been trying to get it all up and going, but Cox was a little bit more than vulnerable to the "Worm" than they were prepared to handle, and so i'm suffering. I'll try calling it in tomorrow, but no promises. In the meantime, if you really want to, you can send me a message at ... just please include the word "blog" (notice i didn't say "blogging", or "blogspot") in the subject line... coo?

Soon my pretties, i will have it all done... i swear!

OK folks - this is me signing off.



PS: catch ya on the flip side, baby. (whew, that was just waiting to come out)

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