Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Hello and howdy sports fans! I guess i just saw so many of my friends (namely the 'Chelles) doing this that I just couldn't resist!! Yes, yes... I am completely aware of the lemmingesque ramifications of this deed - but I assure you that if my friends jumped off a bridge, I would most certainly not follow! ... well, at least until I got bored. ... ten minutes later.

So wow... a blog... what should i write? I guess i should start by saying that i hate capitalizing my "i"s in typed conversation. It's one letter - it by no means deserves so much attention and care that i have to reach my pinky finger aaaaaaall the way over to the shift key just to satisfy some grammatical rule invented by a man with no hair. ... well maybe he had hair, but that's beyond the scope of this argument.

I think that as this blogging (verb?) is a direct result of my compadres (ettes i think) from P-Town, i should dedicate this beginning - indeed a veritable bloggining... to my beautiful, darling, extremely entertaining 'Chelles. WHO, incidentally, have some of the most depressing blogs i have ever seen! I hope you don't expect that HERE! If i were to be morosely depressed, i would most certainly not tell you about it! That would negate my ability to charge you with "being ignorant of my obviously upset feelings" and certainly my right to say "you don't even care! Just go away!" at any point in random time!

Of course i speak not of anyone i know - I simply wish to relate what incredible lessons you learn while living with someone of the opposite sex. ... That would be a girl for all you idiots. Of course, it occurs to me that if you couldn't figure that one out, you have no idea what i'm talking about, and so the jest went straight over your head, and out the window. What a shame.

SO. I guess to finish this absurdly pointless blog, i should tell you all something i have as yet not mentioned: As Darryl Whorly (sp?) said, but pluralized - "I miss my friends."

I want to take this opportunity to also say a few more things.

1) I hate my old bank, and everything that they stand for... or crawl for... on their stomaches. (that's a snake reference - biblical if you will. i AM a religious studies BS degree holder)

2) Schwarzenneger? Governor? California? Shotgun?

3) It occurs to me that though life is a series of transitions, constantly in transition, (redundancy = redundancy??) and it is highly unlikely that any of us could spend our entire lives with the same friends, in the same place, forever, (perhaps not so much the latter as the former) this past summer taught me something that will be with me for a long time. (whew! now THAT was a sentence that enjoyed running on!)

That lesson (to break up the paragraph) is this: Carpe Diem. I knew that i would have to leave just a short month or so after i called the Michelles - but i did it anyway, and they filled my life with such joy and laughter (not to mention D-Rama) that i can scarce imagine what my life was like prior to the day we all went to see Bruce Almighty. Watching AI last night (again x3) gave me some insight i had previously not had. (thus, it gave me the insight... redundant again?)

"Come away o human child to the waters of the wild, with a fairy hand in hand - For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand."

If it were not for fairies like Michelle and Sheli, life would be a lonesome, dreary, lifeless place to exist.

Thank you for your friendship - you are angels of a higher order than ever imagined by any man or child on earth.

And so, to finish this blog in a sort of nostalgic mirth and sadness, (call me a walking contradiction) Thank you to all of the people that I have gotten to know over the years... and i mean ALL of you. You have all contributed to where I'm going, and where I've been, but most importantly - you have contributed to where i am now. That, to me, is the greatest gift i could ever ask for.

I am alive; I am happy; I am writing a long, pointless blog.

Goodnight, sleep tight, and for God's sake, if the bedbugs bite, kick 'em! Kick 'em with your foot!


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