Sunday, August 17, 2003

The Trouble with Trillian

Anyone who got that reference: You're too nerdy... stop watching Star Trek re-runs and start a nice warm fire with the books. (though if you are in AZ or some other desert region, i might not recommend it be outside... nerd)

So do any of the people reading this really believe that someone i don't know will read it? No, me neither. Seriously, why would someone do such a wacky thing? I mean hell, one of the reasons people write in these things is the faint yet glowing possibility that someone will read it and be like "Wow", but it won't be anyone we know, cause that might be embarrassing.

OK. Maybe that's not the big reason... but I'm tired, annoyed at Trillian (ding ding ding! all those who couldn't figure THAT one out - "Here's your sign.") and otherwise really have no desire whatsoever to form any kind of cognizant, let alone intelligent thought. All those who just asked "So what's new?" can bite me. In other words: urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. With an R.

So i wish i had something exciting or otherwise engaging or thought-provoking to say, but alas and alack, the most exciting news i have is that work sucked, MusicMatch Jukebox is cool (but a memory hog) and Trillian sucks. OH - and Brandie, though apparently nearly disintegrated by a lightning bolt, is still alive. It's OK if you don't get it - if more than 2 people, including me, knew what i was referencing, i would be a little worried about the security of my e-mail services... or i would be wondering just how much i had pissed off that person who is apparently stalking me. (silly person)

Have you ever listened to Tori Amos while writing a blog at 12:14 in the morning?

I have.

I should mention that my cat and puppy and fish are the cutest things in the world.

i wonder if i can post a picture to this blog thing.... hmmm.... i'll have to look into that.

So let me blog about something that upset me.

Nah... actually i don't really feel like doing that. That would be like ending the night on a sour note just because... and as billy joel would say in a slightly modified version of one of his songs: "That's not my style."

By the way, I should take this time to thank you all for the flattery of your attention. If you have read thus far, you either have too much free time, or you think i will actually be saying something important... either way - wow.

So guess what? Hi.

Oh, so Kim is gonna be going back to Chi-Town for like, TWO WEEKS on friday. I'm like: Ur? Don't get me wrong, it's not like i'm not cool with being alone out here, cause at this point i feel comfortable enough out here (and i know a whole, like TWO PEOPLE) that i'm not too worried about that. (seriously, that wasn't sarcasm) It's just that i don't know if that is such a smart move in terms of being homesick. It's like how they make people stay at boarding school, camp, or college (notice the order? don't ask, i don't know) for a while before they can go home. And i'm pretty sure that at this point camp counselor macy (scary thought huh?) should be saying "Sorry, no going home till later!" I'm not gonna do that though, her gramma is going into surgery on monday, and she wants to spend some more time with her... understandable but for the other week.

Wait a tick! This means i get 2 weeks of semi-bachelorhood!! Please ignore the preceding arguments against said trip ;-)

I think the first thing i'm going to do is (friends, relatives, and anyone who wants to retain their sanity please skip this sentence) sit around naked eating a bowl of raw meat, watching boxing and playing video games. These are manly things to do. I am being manly. Hear me roar. ... meow. (damn cat)

I'm thinking about getting one of those aeration systems for my tank - it would help promote a higher CO2 content in my water, encouraging the plants to grow and in the process increasing the aesthetic as well as practical values of the aquarium. Note: This is a small, insignificant, seven-gallon tank - and this was a random paragraph.

OK, well, i'm gonna hit the hay, right after i shoot out an email. Keep those bed bugs' heads ringin'! I'll catch you on the flip side, baby.


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