Monday, August 25, 2003


For the first time since i began this blogging craziness - i missed my blog last night.

I do SO apologize to everyone about that... you must all be very disappointed :-( Wheat thins will not stand! I will make you all happy again my telling you that today is a new day! It is in fact, not yesterday, or saturday, but TOday! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaay (in preacher voice, not exclamatory voice) though it may be unto yesterday though it be begotten by the day before, yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaay (ditto) this is today, this day!

What do I mean?! Absolutely nothing really. No big life changes, or revelations... can i just say something, though? Why is it that some people feel uncomfortable telling you about things that are bothering them until the very last second? And then act like it's your fault for not knowing they would be upset? Of couse, i speak of noone you know.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, i had a great time last night chillin with B :) I think we had more fun walking through the freezer section of the supermarket than i've had doin anything in a long time! Go funny people!

Thanks also goes out to Kim H. for inviting me to the baseball game yesterday! It was REALLY fun! Well, mostly the last inning, but still, pretty much the whole thing was a very enjoyable experience! ... though we got stuck in traffic and i was a psycho driver... details :-)

So i never told you guys about all the stuff the i did on saturday!!! Well, i pretty much did nothing before or after work, and for the most part, at work i didn't do much either. UNTIIIIIIIL around 330 or 4 or so. Get this - i had about 10 tickets, with 8 dollars a ticket or so. (that's 80 dollars folks) Then this lady walks in and wants me to tell her about the Casio cameras! Well, to make a long story short, she bought the same camera i have, and a memory card, and a starter kit! All told, it was around 500some dollars. Wow. But that's not the fun story!

around 5 or so, i'm thinking about getting out a little early, when this woman and her daughter and daughter's friend walk into the store. At first i thought about maybe just giving someone else the sale, because i really don't know that much about the sprint phones and pricing, but thankfully, shana didn't want the ticket - so i proceeded.

First off, let me tell you now what would have otherwise waited till the end of the story: This lady (i won't use her name in light of privacy issues) is one of the coolest people i have ever met in my entire life! She was supernice! She asked me a bunch of questions and respected the answers, but at the same time she was obviously no dummy. I learned a whole bunch of stuff about Guam, and how someday if i go to China, i should go to Macao - the portuguese (settlement?) part of the country. All in all - a cool person.

So the end of the story is that she not only possessed all the characteristics listed above, but she also gave me an incredible sale. She bought a camera phone, a warranty on said phone, 4 accessories, (3 for her daughter, 1 for her) a router, a jack splitter, an ethernet cable - and then she put it all on her brand new RadioShack card! It was great - really awesome. Just so you know folks - i know that we don't all have enough money to just go out and buy whatever we want, but let me tell ya something - nothing makes a salesperson feel better than you buying something as a result of their effort to help you. It really does validate our otherwise verylowpaying position.

Meanwhile, tori is singing about a black dove.

I worked on the tank yesterday, and in half the time, with about 80% less effort, i managed to make the tank look better than it has in a long time, with very little change from what it looked like before i started working on it! I think i might be getting better at this thing! :-) Seriously, the only thing that got knocked out of the substrate (that's gravel) was some of the spiralling grass stuff that i have - and that was easy enough to put back in.

I decided that i wasn't going to allow the algae to continue thriving on the back and side walls of the tank. I know some 'aquarists' (what a funny name) may think it is appealing, but i think it's gross. So there.

So yesterday i went all out with the "breaking of the diet" ritual. It was actually kinda sick ;-) We made CPK pizza (bbq chx) and moz stix, and potato skins, and for dessert we had stawberry boston cream cake (is that the name??) with ice cream (chubby hubby for b, phish food for me) and a dollop of coolwhip.



i don't think either of us will be eating any time soon. (until lunch anyways ::grin::)

On a personal note- and i'm sorry, but i have to vent -i don't understand why kim is pissed at me! it's like, last night we were talking on the phone (which is the only contact we're having, and VERY limited at that) and instead of talking about what we were doin, or what's up, or whatever, she starts laying into me about picking up and doing the laundry that's 'been lying around since we moved in'. WHAT-EV-ER. One of the few times that we talk, and she wants to get into it about something that may or may not be true, but either way has no relevance! She's not here! Won't be for another 2 weeks! How the hell would she know i didn't clean??

You know what - i know this is one sided - but that's why you read this blog, right? To hear my side of the story. So i'll just say it and get it over with: If i'm going to be talking to my girlfriend on the phone, it better not be so that i can get told what i should be doing to clean an apartment that she can spend the entire day in without cleaning! I know that i don't work 24/seven (which is a good thing, because she would lay into me about THAT too!) and that i could do more around the house - but as far as i'm concerned, if she's staying inside ALL DAY LONG (as she is want to complain NONSTOP about) then maybe when i come home, it should be to a clean house! I have almost as much of her stuff to clean up as mine! I love her, but i swear to God, i'll be - ... urrrrrr. That's as far as i'll get into that. You guys don't really know her that well, and so i don't want to give you a bad impression of her - which may or may not occur as a result of this one-sided rant. Let me just say this though: I'm not perfect, and i know i do stupid things, but that doesn't make me an asswhole, or a jerk, and it certainly doesn't mean that i should be made to feel like one.

The biggest problem i have right now is that i'm fairly sure that the reason all this arguing (notice i said THIS - as in: 'as opposed to any other time. (and there are a lot of them)) is happening in the first place is because i went to the baseball game with Kim H. and then hung out with B. WELL SO WHAT?! I told her about these things in advance, and there was plenty of time to tell me if she had a problem with it! I even recorded the game for her, just like she asked! I TRIED TO TAKE VIDEO OF THE GOOD PARTS OF THE GAME! I did EVERYTHING i could, even bought a souvenier program and guide for her! What the HELL was i supposed to do?! Fly out on a private fucking jet and bring her to the game?! ... i'm getting upset. I apologize for that. I'm sure that by now, those of you that know me probably know that i don't losing control of my temperament. I just wish i knew what it was that i'm supposed to do. She went to chicago and for 2 weeks i could either stay at home, go to work, or hang out with my friends - who are ALL female. Should i just get rid of that last possibility and spend the rest of my time at home and work??


Anyways. It's getting to be around 1030, and i'm sure i've given all of you enough to stomache for one day. I have to go and (did i tell you about this?? it's so much fun!!) do my yoga. Usually takes about an hour, so i'll be doing some fastforwarding through the stuff i still can't do because of my wrist (and every other excuse i can come up with ::grin::) and see if i can't shave some time off the routine.

Did you know that Gouda is dead? It's true, i read it somewhere.

I'm gonna set up an e-mail that you can all send stuff too and comment on the blog, my life, or whatever. It will be and MAY be active by the time you read this. (unless you read it after tomorrow, in which case, change that MAY to WILL)

Thank you all for listening to my rant, and not reversing the charges.



PS: if i don't see you tonight - ktbb.

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