Tuesday, December 30, 2003

So what up?

So i've been cleaning my office and trying to get ready for school - and lemme tell ya, i'm findin stuff in here that i really had no idea even existed. Like, pens and pencils and stuff... oh, and thumbtacks... yeah those hurt a little in the discovering.

So now Oberon's sittin on my desk with his head in front of the monitor. What did i just type? i dunno, lemme ask the back of the friggin cat's head! Seriously, if telling him about the difference between a window and a door would make a lick a difference, i just might. Oh what the hell, why not ... brb.

Hey, it worked. Heh heh - just call me Prot.

So New Year's... wow - couldn't a seen that one coming from a year away. I have no clue what we're gonna be doing to celebrate. I thought that Kim was gonna go to Chicago, but it turns out she's stayin here, so we're tryin ta figure out what the hell we're gonna do. We might just do a dinner thing - which sounds nice enough :-)

I've been doing OK with the whole IT consulting thing, BTW. It just sort of popped out of nowhere without much assistance from yours truly, and now the client i acquired about a month ago just recommended me to one of her friends, not to mention that i was working for her husband as well. I don't charge much, but it feels good to get paid a little somethin somethin, yknow?

So anyways, in closing i want to say 2 things - one is that i really miss all y'all, especially when i think about all the walks, talks, and ::ahem:: parties.... Two is that i just heard that one of my old (ex?) friends is engaged! Apparently Nic and Liz have finally decided to get hitched, so howzabout everybody give em their best wishes! Everyone deserves to have a happy, healthy life with someone they love!

Aright, that's enough for now... i need to get back to pretending that i'm productive. Catch ya on the flip side, baby!


PS: i know it's the middle of the day - but kick them bed bugs anyway.

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