Friday, December 19, 2003

Yo, yo.

Just wanted to drop y'all (heh heh, there's that illinois comin through) a quick note just in case i forget before the holidays... HAPPY HOLIDAYS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! WHO'S YER DADDY! ... wait ... i think that last may have been misplaced. Ah well, you get the gist.

Just a brief summary of events and general sentiment for this week:

Monday: Applied to T-Bird, stressed.

Tuesday: Got into T-Bird and celebrated with some good friends, elated - almost as good as saturday.

Wednesday: Busy with little stuff, imagine my smiling face - now take the smile away.

Thursday: Found out that there have been health problems with George (stepdad), take yesterday's face and distort it with one of those Fun House mirrors... voila.

Friday: Just finished an email to Maura after finding out things are great with her; found out that george can come home for christmas; wrote a blog, life is good.

Preview of Saturday: LAST DAY AT RADIOSHACK!! WHOS YER DADDY?! (see, told you it was misplaced)

Well folks, i'm outta here for now - catch ya on the flip side, baby.


PS: don't forget to kick them bed bugs tonight, k?

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