Friday, December 12, 2003

The time has come...

to steal someone else's opening line - to travel to Tucson - to take the GMAT.

As Yoda once said: "You will be." (btw, he means 'afraid')

Well, i'm not gonna take a huge amount of time telling you guys this:

I'm leaving tonight to go to Tucson to find a shitty motel to bunk up in for the night so that tomorrow morning i can take the GMAT at eight-thirty in the morning and hopefully get a score that will be much higher than the ones i have been recieving on my practice tests.

And maybe write a run-on sentence or two.

I just have to remember to take my time, yknow? I think if i do that i'll be OK. I just took one of the problem solving practice tests (my weakest subject) and i think that if it weren't for me running out of time (remember the "time per question" fiasco i discussed in the last blog?) i would have gotten most of the questions right. I got 1-9 all right, no errors. Once i hit nine though, i saw my time dwindling and freaked out. I DEFINITELY have to take my time on the Verbal though - i'm always finishing about a .5n (where n is the total time) too soon.

Anyways - gots ta get trippin'. (heh heh)
Wish me luck, pray for me, sacrifice a goat, whatever.

Catch ya on the flip side, baby.


PS: KTMFBB for me, cause i'll be studyin till i retire tonight.

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