Thursday, December 11, 2003

GMAT sucks a rat.

So how in the hell is it possible that i can manage to START at a 560 - go through the whole Kaplan review course - AND END UP AT A 500?!!?!?!?! FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!

I just don't get it. I think maybe i just rushed everything - cause when you're doing the kaplan thing, they give you like, 25 minutes to do 16 questions. When you do the GMAT, it's 75 minutes to do 37. let's do a little quick math here, k? what's the ratio of questions to minutes with kaplan?


and GMAT?


now let's reduce, shall we? cause i'm getting SO good at THAT!

37/2 = 18.5 and 75/2 = 37.5

what's that you say? that's 18.5:37.5? You mean TEN FUCKING MINUTES MORE?!

seriously. what the hell?

i just need to know
what the HELL is wrong with LETTING ME PRACTICE WITH A LITTLE MORE TIME?! Maybe, oh heck i dunno, let's say ANYWHERE NEAR THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME I GET FOR THE REAL FUCKING THING?! ... just checking.

God this is frustrating. I'm exhausted from all this studying, and tomorrow i get to do it all over again! 3 TIMES!

well, at least it'll be good to finally know what to expect. I don't know if this program even scored my essay, yknow? and that's like, half the thing! Maybe i just scored really low, but it didn't tell me what i got, it just told me what it thought i SHOULD have typed, which is just some pre-written fuckermudder.

::sigh:: ... fuckin fuckers.

You know, i still have two essays to write for thunderbird - then send in the application through their online system, then hand it in for real just so they can match a face with the name, then blah blah blah blah blah. At least it will be over by this monday, i just wish i had some more time, yknow?


this saturday is just totally gonna suck.



I have really pretty fish, btw. Seriously.

well folks - i think i'm gonna go to sleep soon... well... now actually. then ill just wake up tomorrow morning and start studying! yay! lather, rinse, and fucking repeat.


PS: ktbb and catch that flipside
PPS: , baby.

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