Saturday, December 13, 2003



Do you know what that means?


Sure my math score could have been better, but WHO CARES?! I never said i was going to be an accountant!

I don't think that today could have been any better - I got a 590 (20 higher than the T-Bird avg.) on my GMAT, then my mom told me that George might just be sick from some hottub bacteria thing, then i saw a sign for DQ and decided to get a Blizzard, but stopped to get a Double Whopper with cheese on the way, then on the exit ramp for DQ i saw this guy with a sign that said "Homeless Hippie, please help. -May God bless all." I felt bad but chalked it up to the old "Too many to help everyone" excuse and went on to DQ. When i got there i got a blizzard and decided that maybe i should buy the guy something, like maybe another blizzard - But after i decided not to, i saw one of those "Drop a coin in the cup and win something" displays, and you could win a Blizzard - so i said to myself "I'll drop a few quarters in, and if i win, i'll give him the Blizzard!" When i reached into my pocket though, i only had one quarter - pretty bad odds. I dropped it in anyways and it ricocheted off the back - and into the cup! So i asked for exactly the same thing i'd gotten and went on my merry way. I stopped on the overpass in the shoulder with my hazards on, decided to grab a fiver out of my wallet, and walked over to the guy. "So, i won this at Dairy Queen and figured I'd give it to you... I don't know if you like Heath and Reese's, but, if you don't..." and handed him the cup and the money. The funniest thing is that i can't remember just what he said - i think it was "Thanks man," or "sir" or "dude", but i remember the way he said it made me think he had a southern accent, and i said "No problem, enjoy it!" or something like that. I walked back to my car and turned back to see him happily wolfing down his blizzard. I think it was the image right before i stopped in the lane to get back on the freeway that burned in my head, and that was him with his hand held straight out, giving me a peace sign. I beeped my horn and flashed one back to him before he disappeared behind the freeway on-ramp sign. The song that was playing was "Remedy (I won't Worry)" by Jason Mraz - one of the lines was "because it all amount to nothing in the end."

So to recap:

Great score on the GMAT
Great news about George
Great Double Whopper w/Cheese (no onion)
Great Blizzard
Great feeling helping someone
Great drive home

I think today was better for me than most people have in their entire lives - it was the kind of day where you think: I could die right now, and i would have had all the happiness i could ever want in this life.

If the world were full of days like today, there would be no war, hunger, anger or sadness.


PS: now let's all go get shitfaced!!

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