Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Two in a row?

And why the hell not?!

I told you i'd blog, and that's what i damn meant!
(besides, i figure all those who were missin out on the blog lovin can get a nice little sensory overload)

It was kinda fun beatin the crap outta this "Dynasty Warriors" game tonight - but i think it's really a lot more fun when both people playing have spent some time building up their characters and then competing against each other - that's pretty cool. I can't wait to try SSX 3 though, i hear it's totally badass.

OH. So my manager and i were talking today and I tell him the dates i for sure need for christmas (i had given him a very specific idea of those days a long time ago... repeatedly) and he told me that RadioShack employees are required to work for 5 days before christmas, etc. I told him "Look - my family is in florida. That trip takes a half a day FLYING - when the hell am i supposed to see them??" If it REALLY comes down to it i'll just get another job... yknow? family's more important than that. I just feel sorry for kim cause she doesn't have her family down here, and she HAS to work. It's not cool at all - i feel really bad, yknow?

So here's the plan, stan. Anyone who reads this - if you really wanna do a good deed - well, that wouldn't really make sense to post it here, cause kim'd find out .... ok ok ok, so anyone who wants to hear my idea, e-mail me for more details :-)

I actually had considered typing it all out and removing it tomorrow, then putting it back on at random intervals - but that didn't really make too much sense.

I totally am a new fan of EVE6, btw. they're totally fun to listen to! have you heard that song "Sunset Strip Bitch?" It's awesome! Fun fun fun! Oh yeah, and anyone who has NOT been keeping up on the links to the side of this page - DO! it's a good read! I will be putting the next chapter of the Hollander up soon, i think it will actually be quite different from the original - just a warning.

Othello and Ori are well, btw - i'm just kinda worried that ori's fins are turning a little yellow - 'long with the rest of her. I can't really find any info on that though... kinda frustratin', eh?

OH, just so you know, my store is now 201. 2 - 0 - 1. That means that out of the five possible ratings, it is second from the bottom. second out of 5. F I V E. cinco. cinque. go. feunf. 5. ... wow. ok well anyways, i just wanted to complain about that.

OK folks - i'll be going to sleep now. It was good talking to you, feels like i have an outlet again! I promise not to let it get clogged up again! ... well - i can't really promise that - i mean, look at toilets, it's not like anyone wants to have to use that plunger that's sitting silently by the throne. But i'll try. Coo?


Catch ya on the flip side, baby.


PS: and if you see any of the ninja bedbugs that attacked me this morning, kick em - and wear a boot.

PPS: a steel toed boot.

PPPS: with spurs.

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