Thursday, October 2, 2003


To all my dear friends in P-Tayown - You are all sorely, terribly, constantly missed. I think it's wierd that of all the memories i have of Peoria, the ones after i graduated grab me the most.

I am reminded constantly by my own mind and heart how great it was to have met such wonderful friends who took me in, let me be a part of their circle, and made me feel like i'd always been there.

To the "Shack-Pack": I know now that getting to be a part of you're circle of friends is one of the most fortunate 'accidents' that could ever have happened to me. You all taught me a lot about myself, but most importantly, you made me feel like i was more than just an outsider looking in - i felt like i was actually a part of it. Whether you all did that by accident, on purpose, or even if you Always do it, i want you all to know how much it really does mean to me. I don't know that i really ever expressed that to any of you before.

To my 'Chelles: I didn't know it was possible to feel so empty without a few friends by your side - but moving here, and depriving myself of your company, created one of the largest voids i've ever felt in my heart. You were always willing to talk, go out, have dinner, let me come over at random times - most importantly you let me into your hearts and home, and gave me what has to be my most memorable summer ever. Thank you so much for everything you have done, said, felt, confided, shared, shown, and given to me and around me.

To everyone not mentioned in this e-mail, and you know who you are - don't let my lack of ability to further describe my appreciation for the friends in my life mislead you... you are ALL important, and i think what makes our relationship special is that none of us need to be reminded WHY. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you, i miss you.



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