Thursday, October 2, 2003

My dear goodness gracious -

It has been an extremely long friggin time since i last blogged.


I want you all to know that YES i am alive, and NO that doesn't mean that those of you who hate me can take a crack at my life. Just thought i'd let you know.

So wow - you guys have missed a lot because of my failure to blog! I guess the real fun info is the big things: I hate inventory - Lilly's learning - The fish are alive and well - Kim's brother is moving into our apartment complex - I went of atkins for a week or so and now i'm all gunho on it again... OH! And i beat Knights of the Old Republic.... which, btw, only has TWO endings - so to those who told me otherwise: Fuckayoua, biznatch! well i guess that's the big things. Sorry, no abduction stories ;-)

Oh, and about Kim:

-=(We apologize for the inconvenience, but this section has been removed due to Kenny)=-

Heh, well... whaddaya know? Wouldn't a seen THAT one comin a mile away!

So anyways - i'm just chillin like a villain. I just beat the game, so i'm combination wired/burned out. Ah well, at least i beat the game ... though i'll admit i would rather have like to kick it's ass again. Which, btw i did. A lot. Game's ass? Yeah, kicked.

Oh hey, didja see? The Cubs lost on Monday.

Everyone say it with me now:

"Heh, well... whaddaya know? Wouldn't a seen THAT one comin a mile away!"

Seriously, they got trounced - though i guess i shouldn't talk too loud since the friggin BRONCOS beat my Raiders. Yeesh.

Ah well, i guess it's times like these that i'm glad i only follow monday night football :-)

Have you heard the new John Mayer CD? I've actually had it since, like, the day after it came out - but i'm only now starting to get really in tune with the songs. It really seems like his "debut" cd was a lot closer to my heart, but hey, they can't all be gems, y'know?

OH! and i signed up for Dish network! it's so supercool! i can record stuff digitally, and that's all cool and stuff - but guess what?? i can ALSO PAUSE AND REWIND LIVE TV!! HOW FRIGGING AWESOME IS THAT?!

... grin... It's the simple things in life.

Everything else in my life is suprisingly similar though - still at rat shack (not much longer though) and still need to clean my car and office. Amazing huh? Sometimes everything else going on around you makes it seem like you've done so much, and yet the things you haven't done remind you of just how little things have changed.

Ah well - i believe it's time for me to go. I'm getting philosophical, and that's never a good sign, y'know?

well - good night, sleep tight, and kick them bedbugs right in the friggin head. ... coo?


"Catch ya on the flip side, baby."

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