Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Long time no blog!

So what's up homies? ::grin:: You know what i did yesterday?


I saw monday night football.



it was so cool.
I've never really watched a football game live before, and for it to be the Dolphins vs the Chargers was pretty damn awesome!

i guess i should apologize to mary at this point for the whole "happy about the fires" thing - but hey, if it weren't for her state being a giant matchstick with her living in the phosphorous side, i would never have gotten AWESOME seats for FREE at an NFL GAME!

... so yeah - sorry.

heh heh.

I guess i've already given those details now, so ill stop bragging about how i got great seats to an NFL game for free at the last minute.

heh heh.

So aaaaaaaaaaaaanyways.

I just wanted to make it clear to everyone that YES - i AM coming to Peoria

I'll be leaving on November the 6th (just a week or two) and staying until the 11th (5 friggin days!). So yes, i expect fun. :-)

I figure this way i get weekend parties, sunday swimming(?), and MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (though by then i may be beyond bragging and be nearer to gloating)

Anyone got any other plans?

Thought not. ;-)

Oh, i also have a huge favor to ask of everyone - aside from buying me a round when i get home ;-)

I am trying to create a coverletter for the purpose of reeling in a job as a "remote location" radio person thinger - i have thus created a list, and numbered the items from one to ten. Only numbers 1 through 3 will be put in the cover letter - so if you think that i'm wrong about which ones take precedence (or have any other input) just email me your suggestions!

(please remember that i'm not usually the kind of person to say things like this about myself, but i have to if i plan on getting a good job - however if you have another strategy, also feel free to e-mail it to me!)

10 reasons why I want this job
1) I really enjoyed the radio show I worked on in High School
2) I want to enjoy my job, and look forward to work
3) I love music
4) I love talking
5) I’ve always wanted to be on the radio
6) People have always told me I have a good radio voice
7) I’m a clown, and I love to share it
8) I think I could be a great DJ
9) I love making mixes and playlists that contain many different styles
10) It’s the first step in my conquest of the known world.

10 reasons why I’d be good for this job
1) I’m a really dedicated, hard worker.
2) I’ve learned how to really take charge and get things done
3) I get along with almost everyone
4) I have a great voice for radio
5) I can do a zillion and two imitations and voices
6) I love people
7) I’m addicted to 80’s and 90’s music
8) I’m willing to start at the bottom
9) I love road trips!
10) I know a lot about computers and logical systems

10 reasons why I’d be better than anyone else for this job
1) I speak several languages and have a very diverse background.
2) I am willing to take charge, but have no problem being under someone else
3) I’m a people person – I can understand and empathize with almost anyone
4) I know the value of patience and the importance of working hard to achieve goals
5) I can make people laugh.
6) I know my limits, but I also know when I can overcome them.
7) I am very organized when it comes to work.
8) I’m confident, but not arrogant – I will always cede a point if I’m wrong.
9) When I know what I want, I will keep going until I get it, or I break something.
10) I’m one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

notice that the items that i thought revealed too much my ultimate plan to become a DJ were left out of the "first 3" circle... do you think that's a good idea? lemme know.

The plants are dying in my damn aquarium again.

fuckin fuckers.

I'm doing the whole "music match goes out and looks for all the songs i want to have names and it names them for me, but i have to watch over it's shoulder the whole time due to stupid programmers" thing.

Seriously - wouldn't it make sense to you that if someone is looking for the album information of a song and artist, they don't want the "Totally 80's" discs to come up? it just makes sense to me that they should automatically list the results in ascending order from the oldest release date!! is that so hard? it shows me the year, but at this point it just serves as a point with which to mock me - as if saying "hey, we could organize this better, but we enjoy watching you suffer!"

f'ing f'ers.

I've actually considered leaving radioshack and being jobless for a little while - if only to get away. not from the company, mind you (though i have some stories - don't we all) but the store. the barely 301 store. I tell ya, coming from the store i was in, and going to this disorganized hellpit... that was a bit of a shock.

I guess maybe i'm being too harsh, but it's true. See, Mike kept things clean and well oiled, etc, and relied on us to support the store - Eric relies on us to do everything i just mentioned that mike does. Sigh.

Enough about that. I'm actually going to go ni ni soon, i just wanted to tell you guys some of what was going on and try to open up the lines again. It kinda felt like i was losing touch for a minute there, didn't it? well i promise i'll update more. actually, i plan on updating nightly again!



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