Sunday, October 12, 2003

I hope i'm not getting into a habit

of never posting in a timely manner. It's been kinda crazy around here with kimproblems and other stuff....

i think the first thing that i have to say is this:

Kenny's birthday was on thursday, and though i promised a Blog, this is the closest i've gotten... I'm sorry Kenny!

Hope you guys had an awesome time out! I think i remember hearing something about the boat? Win lotsa money?

Oh - few quick updates: Fish have new plants, i still work at radioshack, i'm addicted to SimCity4 and NCAA2004, i just installed "opera" because i was sick of Netscrape ... hmmm... oh, and as usual there is mucho drama on the home front.

PS: I miss brandie.

I haven't seen her in over two weeks or so, and i've talked to her barely more than once (if at all) during that whole time! I miss my friend :-( It's hard to explain, but b is very good at making me feel comfortable and happy - if only because she respects me, my relationship with Kim, herself, and the friendship that she and i have. (btw, all you inquiring minds, that means everything i say really IS because she's the bestest friend in the whole wide world... NOT for some hidden, sultry reason - go watch Days of Our Lives or something.)


Oh, and just to give credit where MAJOR credit is due - Elise has been a solid pillar for me to lean against any time that i've had problems. I really appreciate the effort that has been made to make me feel OK again - and like my problems CAN be solved, even if it's slow going! THANK YOU ELISE!!

and to Oberon and Lilly and Othello and Ori: You are wonde- ... wait ... i think that - yep, i'm pretty sure that - this has gone WAY too far.

but i love my pets.

OK folks - for those who need to know (and haven't already asked Dr. Know - there's nothing he doesn't) i have the next few days (till tuesday at 11) off, then thursday as well! Sure i'll be trying to do SOMETHING productive, but hey, a day off's a day off!

And for those who have been kept out of the loop lately (btw, that's ALL you readers at this point) Remember to KICK when you see a bedbug. Kick it, and kick it well. Kick it with your foot!


"Catch ya on the flip side, baby."

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