Monday, August 2, 2004

The Exchange Rate of Asparagus

You know, there is something that i'd never really noticed before which seems to be an almost inescapable truth: People never actually leave highschool - they just live the rest of their lives in a virtual classroom huddling together in their "cliques" with their "cool" friends and talking about people that they don't know, don't like, or don't care about behind their backs.

Oh wait, i'm sorry, they do talk about people they like and care about too... hmm, I guess they just like talking about everyone! Behind their back! What fucking fun!

Why am I peeved? Let me count the ways: 1) My group spends a shitload of time (and frustrating time at that) working on a project to present to class 2) Because everyone's pissed at one of my group members, they tear us to shreds 3) When anyone else presents, their all buddy-buddy with them if they like them, or totally silent if they don't. This fucking school is bullshit. My guess? The business world is just like the world i thought i'd graduated from: a bunch of immature, self-righteous, conceited asshole jocks and cheerleaders determined to stay on top of the popularity dogpile. What a bunch of dickwads. DICKWADS I say. I might as well use highschool terminology to describe these people.

The crazy thing that i've finally started to figure out is that this is just like Tisch all over again. Everyone looking out for number one while clinging to their "friends" who would more than likely turn on them if given a good reason, claiming "kill or be killed" as their reason and assuming that that's a valid fucking reason. I might as well have just shot myself coming here - at this point i'm just keeping my head down long enough to get the damn degree and get out of here.

Did you know that one of the presenters actually said "a damn" to describe that which contains water? What the fuck? These people probably didn't even work together, let alone put any serious efforts into their slides.

URRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. WHAT THE FUCK?! I really hate this bullshit! I have no desire to be a part of this crap. And don't tell me that that's just the way of the world, and if i want to be in any type of business i'm going to have to deal with it, cause that's bullcrap. These people don't rule the fucking world, they're just responsible for making it seem like the shithole that they would turn it into if they did.

I just hate this. I'm so tired of dealing with all this self-serving "who's cool" bullshit that rules the minds of these assholes. I swear to God, man. Is it maybe because i want to be in the group and i'm upset that i'm not? (which would be the first question that i was thinking of if i were reading this) Actually no. The fact is that i got over that desire to be "cool" a long time ago, and i'll be damned if i go back. I just can't stand being around people like this, who talk about each other behind their backs and seem to scheme and plan their own success (implicitly over the dead bodies of others) at full steam ahead. I don't like it. Never have, never will.

I'm just done with this bullcrap. I'm going to graduate, get the fuck out, and never talk to these people again. Networking? Might as well be making friends with sharks. I'll make my friends and contacts elsewhere, thank you.


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