Monday, August 23, 2004

Guess where i am?

It´s a city called Creel, somewhere outside of the Barranca de Cobre. (copper canyon for those not in the know ... btw, just ask dr know, there´s nothing he doesn´t!)

Anyways, we´ve been driving for a while now and we´ve seen a lot of cool things that i hadn´t really thought i would see during my mexico trip. I´ll try to post a link to pictures, etc. :-) NEways, just wanted to give y´all a heads up... but i´m typing in the lobby of a hotel where we decided to have a few beers ... ok, it´s a best western ... dammit. Anyways, i can´t really type a huge thing because this is technically a "guests only" thing, and this fucking keyboard is driving me in-fucking sane because all the keys are in different places ... not the letters mind you, but everything else, and that´s REALLY bugging me.

OK. Well. Lata.


PS: We´re staying at the ¨Paraiso del Bosque" hotel, thus the issues with "guests only." ... thought i´d solve that mystery for ya ;-)

PPS: be back in the states starting wednesday... till then, kick them bedbugs for me - rather WITH me, cause they´ve been teamin up on us. Catch ya on the flip side, baby.

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