Monday, February 23, 2004


QuickBlogB4Class - how inventive ;-)

NEways, i don't really have time to do my accounting homework right now, so i wanted to write a quick note for all y'all instead. I don't know that i can really type anything too happy right now, cause there's some fucked up shit going on right now, but here's my attempt:

yay life.

Hmm, needs work.

So i read a little from my Poe book last night - the Purloined Letter. I only read a page or two b4 kim called and we talked for a while - then sleep.

It really upsets me that her family and friends have been incessantly harping on our relationship since it started. You know what people? You don't know us! Even people who just read this blog can probably tell that we MUST love each other if we have had so many problems and still been able to pull it together and be happy with each other!

Yes there have been times when saying "on the rocks" would be an understatement, but 1 that's normal, 2 it's in the PAST, and most importantly, 3 it made us stronger as a couple. So butt out! Apparently there is now opposition to her coming back home, or staying beyond another 6 months if she does! How selfish! If things were not working out on some level, don't you think she would have moved home already?

We're happy and we're trying to build a life together, but Kim has a strong sense of loyalty, and the only people who don't want us to be together are those that she is loyal to and have NO IDEA what is going on on a day to day basis in our relationship! Until you know every word that passes between us you have no goddamn right to say whether we should be together or not.

I've had some serious issues with us in the PAST, but things have changed and we're really happy right now - don't you think maybe that's just as important as your ever-so-valuable opinions?



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