Tuesday, February 17, 2004


There's nothing quite like listening to Poe while you type a blog in the library. Ahhh.

So i wanted to drop y'all a note and let you know that while i have been deluged ... Deluged i say! With work work work work work, i have yet managed to have a fun and interesting life!

Kim and i have been having a great time together, everything is fun and great again! I think we just really spent WAY too much time together after we moved. Valientine's day was wonderful - though we didn't go to Sting as we had planned (the show was cancelled) we got to spend the evening at home with a homecooked meal and great movie. (the family man)

School? It's all good. Things may not be amazingly fantastic, but at least they're ok. I have a bit of homework always due for the next day, but every now and then i get enough of a respite that everything seems perfectly fine again.

NEways, i'm off to do a group project... hasta la bye bye for now forks :-)


PS: ktbb, cyotfs,b.
PPS: n stuff.

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