Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So i can't type much 'cause i'm at work, but i had to get this on "paper." I've had two dreams over the last week where i felt like i was at some kind of reunion, and this morning when i got in the stairwell at work there was a moment where i was the only person in it. I got this feeling a lot like deja vu, but different ... it was different because it was like i knew that the situation wasn't the same, but it felt like there was only a thin veil between where i knew i was standing, and where i felt i was standing.

Specifically, i felt like i was at Rippowam Cisqua, and i was late for class ... i was coming into school just after the people ahead of me vanished out of sight, and i was alone in the hallway. I felt like i had that shadow of a thought that i could just skip out, but i knew i wouldn't. (not only because i shouldn't but because i couldn't drive) Either way, it wasn't really on the forefront. Mostly i just had that feeling of where i was ... not a stairway in PetSmart, but a hallway in grade school. The smell - the feel of the air ... it wasn't that those things reminded me of it, it's that they seemed to momentarily conform to my expectations. Expectations for a place i haven't been in over 15 years.

I might edit this with detail on my two dreams as well. The first was a dream about college friends and the one last night was about grade school and a few high school people. (though in the latter my friends from now were mixed in with them)

At this point, though, i'm really just wondering wtf? What am i thinking that i don't know i'm thinking?

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