Sunday, March 30, 2008

One small step for tiller, one giant leap for sustainability!

So it may not be the most impressive thing, but i finally got started on our garden today. I've been plotting (hah hah ... like a plot of land? Get it? ... is this thing on?) a garden for a while now - one that we could use to grow lettuce, tomatoes, herbs, cabbage, maybe even potatoes or eggplant!

It was an idea for about a half a year, and it's been made corporeal (almost) this weekend! Here's a few shots of the work in progress. I really love how you can see the shadow of the house elongating ... i was out there for a while! :-D

NEways, i don't have anything specific in mind for how it's going to look when i'm done, but i drew a concept design of what i expect the finished product to look like.


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