Thursday, September 9, 2004


That's me. I just had this brilliant idea of telling Zach Braff (the writer/director/actor) of Garden State how grateful i was for his movie and how wonderful it was and how it really left a mark on me. Know what i friggin wrote instead? "Thanks for the breadcrumbs." I guess maybe that sums it up though... Garden State made me feel like where i want to be is real, or at least reminded me that the thought is worth it. It's funny, at the beginning of the summer my roomate and i got some kids' books to help us get used to spanish... start small, yknow? anyways, the book she bought was hansel and gretel... you know where i'm going with this, and if you don't, read the blog underneath this one. I know. I'm a wierdo. ;-)

FTBC, KTBB, etc :-)


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