Thursday, September 9, 2004

Breadcrumbs here, breadcrumbs there, breadcrumbs breadcrumbs everywhere.

What do you say about a movie that changes your life again for the first time? I don't know, because I just saw "Hero," and lemme tell you, it didn't. It's not that it's a bad movie mind you ... it is, in fact, a fairly decent, interesting, admirable film, with incredible cinematography and interesting plot development and progression. But it's no Garden State.

Let's shift focus shall we? Garden State. That's a good focal point. If any of you haven't yet had the great and resounding pleasure of experiencing this movie (yes i said "experiencing" for a reason) you are really missing out. It really touched me, especially having watched it so soon after "Eternal Sunshine..." Everything about these two movies ... well ... just watch them, OK? If you don't like 'em, fine. If you don't understand 'em, coo. If you experience a flutter of recognition in your heart and mind, you and i are talkin the same language.

You may be wondering about the seemingly random idea that i've focused on lately. As you recall, i've mentioned my belief that everything happens for a reason, yes? Let me elaborate: Too often, people seem to say that things happen for a reason as a kind of excuse, or an explanation to help ease the truth. I think that it should be looked at in a different way... in a deductive kind of way. In "I, Robot" (which in spanish is "Yo, Robot" ... i just think that's funny ... maybe i should have painted an "!" at the end of it on the posters...) the main character thinks that the robot super-genius, or "creator", has been leaving clues around to help him solve his murder. These clues, or breadcrumbs, end up leading the character, and the audience, on a fairly wild and twisting path. (with LOTS of CGI)

I guess that's my point. Breadcrumbs. I'm sure that a person could drive themselves mad thinking about this, like Macbeth and the Wierd Sisters times twenty, but i like to think that it serves as a kind of reminder that we may control our own destiny, but it's only as blindly as we want. I think it's interesting that in a time where i feel that i have to re-evaluate a lot of things in my life, there seem to be things which are reminding me of what i value and what i desire most. ... of course anyone who's seen "Pi" (or anyone with half a brain) would also remind you that if you start looking for something everywhere, you'll start finding it. But then someone could retort 'isn't that, in itself, a sign?' The conversation circles and loops to the same places with little or no educational or inspirational value... hilarity ensues.

I think if you start thinking of it all as a puzzle, you eventually start to feel like you can solve it ... more importantly you feel like maybe it's all worth something.

So the moral of the story is this: Watch Garden State. It's brilliant. Really.

FTBC (Follow Those Bread Crumbs)
and finally...
"Catch ya on the flip side, baby."


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