Thursday, October 28, 2004

Still alive

Just an update on life:

Muse is a cool band
I'm officially back up to 2 pitchers before inebriation
I graduate on the 10th of December
My cat is awesome
I'm going to DC and NY from the 3rd to the 6th or so (of November)
Supply Chain Management is the coolest thing in the world
My cat's pissed because i haven't fed him yet
Fable is a cool game

Um. I think that about does it. I've decided not to get personal on any more of these, so the only things i'll be typing in here are mildly superficial, sometimes thoughtless, void-of-any-mental-meat posts. Why you may ask? I'd tell you, but it'd be personal ;-)

Seriously, i'm gonna try to start updating this on a regular basis again, so drop back later!


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