Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Listening to the piano do its thing...

Irina is practicing on the piano, and i have to tell you it sounds really amazing. I had forgotten how much i could enjoy the sound of the piano. I'm trying to figure out if i know how to say "Please keep playing." :-)

Not a big post today. Things have been going well. I went to the theater yesterday with Tatiana, Irina, and a bunch of the students. We watched a musical about a group of people where the women got tired of the men drinking all day and them having to cook and clean, so they up and left. The men of course tried to do the work, but failed miserably. Then they find them and apologize and everyone is happy ... Hollywood ending :-D

Classes have been going well. I am really just working with Tatiana and helping in whatever way she asks ... like a teacher's assistant, basically. I go into the hallway with the kids and work with them on different stuff. Some of the kids i've worked with are really bright, and are really interested in learning English. (though the reasons vary)

So now i'm blogging, listening to Irina play (hoping she doesn't stop) the piano, and trying to get Rosetta Stone in English for Sergei. Maybe i can find a way to get it to all the other kids too. This would really be a great tool for them to use, but i'm sure it's way too expensive to make it part of the curriculum. Maybe i should ask Rosetta about that. I mean, educational institutions in the US are one thing, but in Russia, i'm finding out that they're quite another.

BTW, the food is awesome. Especially this "vinaigrette" thing. (think i talked about it before, but if not it's like, potatoes, beets, cucumber, all chopped up)

Wow. I am currently hearing the best version of "Fragile" by Sting that i have ever heard - on the piano. It just sounds so beautiful ... a little more uppity than the original, but more complex as well.

OK, well i guess that'll do it. I really need to try to find some time to be able to listen to my Russian lessons. OH, and so i still don't have a SIM card, but i will tomorrow. (i can feel it in my bones!) This weekend, Irina has invited me to go to her parents' house. Her mother was at the theater, and we walked with her for a little while after the show. I guess she didn't think badly of me, because after Irina, Sergei, and i got home, Irina said that I'm invited to go.

I haven't had a chance to talk to any of the people i'd talked to on the internet here in Izhevsk, so it kinda works out. Maybe next weekend there will actually be snow and i can try to go skiing :-) (right now there is no snow, btw, just rain. Apparently there usually is, but last winter and this one have been warm, so just rain)

As for the whole "cold" thing? Well, like i said, i guess it's been pretty "warm", but it's definitely nothing i can't handle.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways. I guess i'll sign off for now. Lata flava :-D

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that i've updated my Google Map, so check it out :-D

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