Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Slow Pace of Technology

You know what I don't get? And i'll tell ya, i've been thinking this for a while:

What the hell is with technology? I mean, here we are, the year 2008. And you know what? Something is DEFINITELY missing.

No. I'm not wondering where the flying cars are.

I was gonna fluff this up a bit, maybe dance around the issue before i got right down to the meat of it, but screw it:

Do you know how we get power out of a Nuclear Reactor? Not the details, mind you, but the essential idea? Get this: We release a ridiculous amount of energy from a radioactive substance to heat water to and beyond boiling so that the vapor turns turbines.

We use HEAT to generate STEAM to turn TURBINES.

Are you getting this? Seriously, go check it out.

You know what that basically means? It means that we're getting all our energy from a freaking steam engine.

And you know what the whole steam engine thing was mostly based off?


You know what they're building now? Fission reactors. Do you know what that means? That means that we're going to be SPLITTING AN ATOM to create energy. You know what we're going to do with that energy?


I'll keep this brief, because i think you get the general idea. But one last thing before i go: Do you ever think about what's happening in your car? Gas is exploding. A lot. A lot of gas is exploding a lot. IN YOU CAR. Do you know what we're doing with the energy from those little explosions?

Well there's no water involved, but basically...


You'd think that maybe we'd build a fucking homage to the Water Wheel. We could call it, The Statue of Energy.

I know - stupid rant. Don't even get me STARTED on airplanes.


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